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Creating powerful


for start up's or established businesses


School Signs, Shop Signs, corporate branding, cut letters, built up letters illuminated signs brass plaques, engraved signs.orporate Branding
At Universal Display Ltd we can produce signs to meet your needs exactly, we don't ask you to choose from a few pages in a catalogue!

We have produced signs for retail, fast, food, education, offices, posts, walls & fences, direction signs, fingerposts, notice-cases, shapes and cut-outs the list goes on! We offer free, no obligation advice, surveys and design. We will manufacture exactly what you need and we can even install it for you.

Our experienced staff can advise, design, manufacture and install high impact signage for your retail storefront. to make your signage requirements a worry-free experience for you.

Illuminated channel letters, light boxes or dimensional wall letters are all ways you can catch the eye of your customer. No matter which one you choose!

Displaying your company logo in public locations maximizes your brand's exposure while serving such primary functions as identifying retail and office facilities and directing vehicular and pedestrian traffic.

At Universal Display Ltd, we treat logos respectfully in regards to sizing, placement, materials and colours to preserve their value and positively reinforce the company's public image.

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