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Most promotional flags are known as Feather Flags or Banner Flags are a great way to get your brand or event noticed. You will see some form of feather flag at most open events these days. Their popularity has risen more and more as businesses jump at the chance to advertise themselves.

Teardrop Flags, named as such due to their distinctive droplet shape, are also a fantastic way to get your brand or event noticed. All the flags offered by Universal Display Ltd are easy to use, practical and eye catching. The height of the flags allows them to stand out in busy areas.


Teardrop and feather flags are fixed flags, they do not need wind to display themselves meaning they can be on display no matter what the weather or even indoors and still get your brand noticed. We also offer a range of bases for almost every location.

So if your company is taking part in an event with a lot of potential clients and customers you need to stand out. The adjustable height of our range of feather flags allows you to place them high above your surroundings to ensure they grab attention.

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