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After completing a sign survey, one of our designers will contact you to discuss with you your detailed sign design needs.

At Universal Display we pride ourselves on our original and unique signage design ideas. Whether you want a modern clean look or would like a more traditional image, one of graphic designers will produce and present several ideas for you to review, using some of the latest digital signage software.

At this stage we also consider, the type of signage you choose, from wall signs, ceiling-hanging signs, projecting signs, directory signs to illuminated signs, floor graphics, wall graphics, you have a huge choice and it needs to be appropriate to the location within your building.

Signage design is also influenced greatly by the materials the sign will be made from, and this is also something else that our designers will always help you with. Signs can be made from a wide variety of substrates (steel, PVC, Perspex, Aluminium, wood, brass, and many many more) or even a combination of materials, but we will always take location, access, fitting method and even weather conditions if out doors into consideration to make sure we provide a signage solution that's right for your signage needs.

Designer On Computer
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