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Pavement signs and A boards from Universal Display Ltd can be positioned outside of store fronts and businesses, high street shops, schools, colleges anywhere were you need passers-by to see your message. A pavement sign will usually have two faces of equal size, both sides being suitable to display posters etc.

Some pavement signs have snap shut frames allowing the advertising media to be changed quickly, or use blackboard panels to allow you to write your own message. The main benefit of a pavement sign is to increase sales, walk in traffic, increase product awareness or deliver information.

Most pavement signs are weighted at the base giving them a low centre of gravity, meaning that they are more stable in windy positions.


The pavement sign with weighted bases can be over 20kgs in weight or more. Because they are heavy some pavement signs have built in wheels to assist movement, positioning this also helps bring them in at the end of a day's trading.

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